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Chapter 34


"Thank you, Dr.Cooper." I said, shaking his hand.

"You are beyond welcome, Zoe."

"I just needed to get rid of this baby. I just couldn’t take it. I can’t have another child. Shari is all I need right now." I explained. He nodded as he gave me my prescription.

"If you feel weird in you stomach area, just take 1 of these. I doubt that it shall happen, but take them just in case." he said, handing me the note. I nodded as I grabbed my purse and put it over my shoulder, walking out of the Abortion Clinic. I mean, I felt bad about aborting the baby, but I’m too old to be having a baby. Brian is too old too. I don’t need to put all this stress on him. It’s just going to be Shari and I. I smiled as I walked to my car. Just thinking about spending time with my favorite girl makes me all giggly.

I got in and started up my car. I started to back out of the parking lot, but my phone rang, interrupting me. I dug into my purse and pulled out my phone. It was Mr. Tracey, one of my neighbors.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Oh my gosh! Zoe, I’m so glad you answered!" she panicked.

"Why? What happened? What’s going on?"

"That boy of yours…that disgusting son of a bitch!" she screamed.

"Brian?" I asked.


"What did he do?" I asked.

"Shari! he beat her and he raped her!" she yelled through the phone. "You gotta get to the hospital! I called Michael and told him and he’s 5 minutes from the hospital!" she yelled. My mouth flew open as I dropped my phone on the carpet. Please somebody tell me that this is a dream. She did not…just tell me…what I think she told me. I picked up my phone as tears streamed down my face.

"Mrs. Tracey, I’ma have to call you back." I said through clenched teeth. I hung up the call and tossed the phone into the passenger seat. I backed out of the parking lot and sped to the hospital. Brian is in for a rude ass awakening once I see him.


My tires skid as I slammed on my brakes. I got out the car and slammed my car door shut. I angrily walked into the hospital and up to the front desk.

"Shari Harris?" I asked.

"She’s getting a rape kit done on her sir at the moment." the lady said. I slapped the vase off the desk and watched it shatter on the wall. So it was true. His nasty, disgusting, perverted ass did rape my fucking daughter. That as my baby girl! The nerve of some damn people. How in the fucking fuck could you rape some damn body? I punched a hole in the wall as I started to breathe harder.

I walked over to the chairs and sat down beside a guy. He had tattoos, freckles, and big ass head. His eyes were wide open as he stared down at the floor. His shirt and face had blood on it and his hands were shaking.

"What happened to you?" I asked him as I started to calm down.

"I found my…friend raped and beaten. She was one of my students." he said expressionless.

"What a fucking coincidence. My daughter was raped and beaten. I swear to God, when I see the sick fuck that did that to her, I’ma-"

"Aye, man! Lemme go! She was asking for it! She pissed me off and she ran from me!" A guy yelled, interrupting me. He was handcuffed and being escorted by 2 officers out of the doors. I got up and sped walked over to him. I stopped in front of them and looked at him.

"What’s your name?" I asked him.

"Brian, nigga why?" he asked. I drew my hand back and hit him with a right cross.

"Sir, you-"

Before the policemen could say anything else, I hit him with an uppercut, causing him to lose his balance. He came back up and tried to lunge forward.

"Man, I should beat yo’ ass!" he yelled.

"You put yo’ damn hands on my daughter again and I’ma stick my foot so far down yo’ throat we gon’ be walking home together." I threatened. The policemen walked around me and out the door. I let out a breath of air and leaned my back against the wall by the door. I closed my eyes and tried to relax.

"Oh my gosh! Where’s my baby?!" A familiar voice yelled through the hospital as the doors burst open. My eyes popped open as the woman with the long black hair ran straight to the front desk. She asked the woman asked the lady up front a bunch of questions.

"Oh my gosh. My poor baby." she said, turning around. I squinted my eyes as I walked closer to her.

"Zoe?" I asked.

"Michael?" she asked. She made a pouty face as tears came down her face. I walked closer to her and hugged her. She cried in my chest as she hugged me back. I started to silently cry as I rubbed her back. Why wouldn’t you cry? Your baby girl, the one that is apart of you, just got raped. Her virginity was taken from her with force. She pulled away from me and wiped her eyes.

"How you been?" I asked her.

"Fine, ok. Until now." she said, rubbing her hands on her shirt.

"Wait, where were you?" I asked.

"Um, I went to go get an abortion." she replied.

"An abortion? So, you left Shari alone with that creepy fuck?" I asked.

"Michael, I didn’t think he would touch her. It’s not my fault. I thought that they were ok together." she stated.

"See, that’s your problem! You don’t pay attention to shit!" I yelled.

"Michael, it’s not my fault that this happened!" she screamed.

"Look, you need to just watch who the fuck you bring in and out ya’ fucking house." I replied.

"You know what, fuck you Michael."

"How do you think Shari got here?" I asked. She rolled her eyes as she walked over to the sitting area. The same dude was still there, but he looked more nervous.

"Hey, Mr.Brown." Zoe, said as she sat beside him.

"Wait, you know him?" I asked.

"Yeah, she’s Shari’s teacher." she explained. I looked at him and I eyes met.

"How did you find my daughter?" I asked, walking closer to him.

"I went to go check on her and I found her like that." he admitted. I gave a nod as I sat in the chair on the other side of him. I swear to God if my daughter doesn’t get better…..

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